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The Ebony Porn Industry

The Ebony Porn Industry

We live in a world of lust and desire. Some of us some hot kinks whereas some are just weird but that’s okay unless your kink involves hurting someone badly or without consent, then sir or madam you are doing something very wrong. If you are not getting any action then masturbate. Watch some porn films. Pornography is a great option, to be honest, you get a vast range of categories to choose from, just satisfy your needs. However, are you familiar with the story, the history behind the pornographic industry?

A lot happened throughout, today we are going to take look inside the history of the black actresses in the pornographic industry. Also, termed as ebony porn.

The beginning

Black women are a part of this multibillion-dollar industry for more than forty years. Desiree West, an African-American adult was the first to be cast in such heavy and hot scenes in 1973. She soon became one of the most ebony stars of that time because of her breathtaking futures.

ebony porn


The term ‘Ebony’ means a pretty dark black or brown color and interestingly enough, the term has remained the most general term to define pornographic films starring Black actors or actresses.

Back in those days, interracial scenes were labeled as ‘taboo’ but pornographic videos of a white man with a black woman could be found.

Women were prohibited from so many employment opportunities and the pornographic industry offered a steady and quick income, enough to feed and have a home.

Despite the rise of ebony porn, Black women were told that they were not attractive enough to be cast in such films. Later in 1990, Heather Hunter was the first Black woman who became particularly contracted with a production company and she will be forever known as the most well-known and well-respected adult film star.

The risky deal

Although the adult film industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, it is still risky for young girls. Women should not take the job in the industry just because they think that it is easy money, it requires commitment and a whole lot of confidence. Being a pornographic actress might affect the woman’s loved ones or maybe her relationships with friends and family. Hence, though very easy, it is a risky occupation.

Despite all that being said, there are women who were part of the industry and then retired and had a successful happy life. For example, Heather Hunter became a part of the music industry soon after she retired from the adult film industry. She is now a painter and author. She has inaugurated an art gallery in New York City and published the book Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star.